"As an educator and father of three, I knew I couldn’t stay on the sidelines. Let’s work together: we can turn challenges into opportunities and give every student the tools they need to thrive."

Getting Kids Back In Schools-- Our School Board’s #1 priority should be getting students back in school full time as quickly and safely as possible. Our kids need our support, and we owe them ingenuity and compassion. This must be done while also making our schools resilient against future threats!

An Independent Advocate-- Brian is the perfect choice to advocate for students and families in negotiations with educators and administrators. He's a father, not a politician. Every single one of his campaign donations are from individuals and parents like you.

Representing Every Student-- To keep our promises to our students, the benefits of an LO education need to be accessible to every child regardless of race, ability, neighborhood, or background. We're fighting for every student in every Lake Oswego school.

A Fresh Perspective-- As the owner of a small education consulting company, Brian has worked with students from around the world, and helped hundreds of Oregon students get into the colleges of their dreams. He is also a frequent LOSD volunteer and advocate, a lawyer by training, and the cofounder of a company distributing COVID-19 diagnostic tests.